The Assumption of Mary

From August 1 to August 14  the Orthodox Christians fast from meat and dairy products ; fish and wine. The Dormition Fast is a stricter fast than  the Advent. As with the other Fasts of the Church year, there is a Great Feast that falls during the Fast; in this case, the Transfiguration (August 6), on which fish, wine and oil are allowed.
The oldest place that is connected with Mary is the Dormition abbey in Jerusalem. It was erected in the 4th century on the place where, according to the legend, was laid to rest the body of Mary in the garden of Gethsemane.
According to local tradition, it was on this spot, that the Blessed Virgin Mary died, or ended her worldly existence. In the Christian Orthodox and Catholicism death is often called a “sleeping” or “falling asleep”, and this gave the original monastery its name, the church itself is called Basilica of the Assumption (or Dormition).
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The Assumption of Mary


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