Medicine from St. Hildegard

In 1999 Germany celebrated 900 years of the birth of St. Hildegard von Bingen, whose work has been left in oblivion for centuries.
She was born in 1098 in the Bermersheim in Germany. St. Hildegard was the tenth child in a family of lower nobility. She started having visions since the age of 6. Her parents offered her as an oblate to the Benedictine monastery at the Disibodenberg monastery.
Here are some quotes and comments from her written work which deserve mentioning:
Our eyes are mirrors that reflect the mood of our soul. Sparkling eyes are a sign of life. If somebody is physically healthy, he or she has clear and sparkling eyes. Dim eyes are a sign of death.

Ears play an important role in metabolism of the body due to their interaction with the liver. Hildegard sees a direct connection between what the ear hears and the metabolism of the liver. The sounds of loud disco music can
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Medicine from St. Hildegard


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