The Young Pretender – Charles Edward Stuart

In the 18th century the division between Hanoverians and Jacobites was central in the whole of Britain. Identification was a complex issue and was not simply linked to ethnic or religious identity. The fault-line in society between these two groupings can still be seen today – although often overlaid with myth and untruth.
1745 and 1746 were the two years when Charles Edward Stuart challenged the powers-that-be in Britain. He was the son of the last Catholic Monarch of Great Britain, James VII and II. (Vii of Scotland and II of England). there had ben a serious attempt in 1715 by his father to retake the throne but European allies who had promised effective support let him down.

In August of 1745 Charles landed near Glenfinnan in the Highlands and called his supporters to help defeat the Hanoverian Monarchy. Many of today’s tourists go  to Glenfinnan to see the railway viaduct
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Charles Edward Stuart


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