The word “breakfast” is composed of two words – “break” and “fast”. It means that after the night hours of sleep and rest your body has been “fasting”, so in the morning you have to “break” this fast and start the energy supply cycle again.
People say this is the most important meal of the day because it prepares you for the trials and tribulations you are about to face; so you’d better face them ready and raring to have a go at them.
Breakfast varies but what is the most common ingredient is carbohydrates – cereals, fruit, vegetable; protein – eggs, meat, cheese; hot and cold drinks – coffee, tea, juice.
Eating nutritious breakfast helps you make healthier choices and prevents you on wolfing down a burger or a pizza for lunch. It helps boost concentration and memory.  Your body stocks up fuel from the fibers, vitamins and minerals you consume in the morning. Breakfast helps lower the b
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