The independence of Scotland

On the periphery of Europe – beyond the area colonised and controlled by the Roman Empire- Scotland is seen by some as a province of England and by others as a country which somehow lost its own identity three hundred years ago.

Inhabited for more than five thousand years, the country was not a unitary state until the reign of Malcolm Canmore. He united Celts, Picts and speakers of Anglic into one Kingdom. Our powerful neignbour to the South was always reluctant to accept that Scotland was a separate state and the early Middle Ages saw many wars between England and Scotland. Edward Longshanks and others believed that the Scottish should be vassals of the English Kirng. Fierce and bloody wars were fought as a result. The 14rgh Century saw success come to the Scots after a long struggle. Robert Bruce established himself as king and from this period there survives The Declaration of
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Scotland, The independence


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