The End of Empire

For most of us in the English-speaking world, the “End of Empire’ means the disappearance of that institution that was marked red on the old maps in the classrooms. The British Empire, which in our lifetime has gone from a power that controlled a quarter of the world to a group of islands off Europe with a few dots like Gibraltar, Ascension, and the Falklands. We may forget that the 20th century also saw the disappearance of other great Empires: Russian, German. French, Dutch. Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman.

For Bulgarians the Ottoman Empire was the important world power. Never far from the consciousness of the modern Bulgarian is the ‘Turkish Yoke’ (Tursko Robstvo) as it was categorized by Ivan Vazov, the Bulgarian writer, educator and Statesman in his novel “Under the Yoke’ (Pod Igoto).

Historians usually date the beginning of the Ottoman State to the end of the 13th century AD. Loo
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The End of Empire


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